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Acupuncture Advisory Council
The council advises the Board of Medical Practice on acupuncture practice standards in application, complaint and disciplinary processes; continuing education programs; and enforcement of acupuncture .. St. Paul
Advisory Committee Of The Minnesota Braille And Talking Book Library
The committee advises staff of the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library on long-range plans and library services Faribault
Advisory Committee on Compulsive Gambling
Provide advice to DHS in ensuring the establishment of a comprehensive continuum of care system for problem gambling services.     St. Paul
Advisory Committee On Heritable And Congenital Disorders
To provide advice and recommendations to the commissioner concerning tests and treatments for heritable and congenital disorders found in newborn children St. Paul
Advisory Committee To The Program Committee Of The Health Professionals Services Program
The Health Professionals Services Program (HPSP)  monitors the practice, treatment and continuing care of regulated health professionals who may be unable to practice with reasonable skill and sa.. St Paul
Advisory Committee: Blind / Visually Impaired
The purpose of the advisory committee is to provide specific advice and counsel to the Division of Special Education in the Minnesota Department of Education regarding the technical issues of and stra.. Minneapolis
Advisory Council On Licensed Traditional Midwifery
The council advises the Board of Medical Practice on traditional midwifery practice standards in application, complaint and disciplinary processes; continuing education programs; and enforcement of tr.. St. Paul
Advisory Council On Wells & Borings
The council advises the Department of Health on licensing or registering well contractors and explorers, and on technical matters relating to the regulation or the construction, maintenance, and ultim.. St Paul
Advisory Task Force on Expanding the Economic Security of Women
Members of the Task Force will have three charges: 1) Identify the barriers that prevent gender equity in the workplace and limit women's equal participation in the economy, including: gender-based pr.. St. Paul
Advisory Task Force On The Woman And Juvenile Female Offender In Corrections
The task force consults with the commissioner regarding choice of model programs to receive funding; reviews and makes recommendations on matters affecting female offenders; identifies problem areas; .. St Paul
Advisory Task Force On Uniform Conveyancing Forms
The several forms of deeds, mortgages, land contracts, assignments, satisfactions, and other conveyancing instruments prepared by the Uniform Conveyancing Blanks Commission and filed by the commission.. St Paul
Agricultural Chemical Response Compensation Board
The board accepts applications for reimbursement from the Agricultural Chemical Response and Reimbursement Account, determines eligibility and amount of reimbursement due, and notifies the commissione.. St Paul
Agriculture Research, Education, Extension, And Technology Transfer Advisory Panel
The Panel is advisory to the Commissioner of Agriculture  and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota on investments to achieve long-term ag.. St Paul
American Indian Advisory Council
Council shall assist in formulation of policies and guidelines in the area of chemical health. The council shall advise on policies, goals, and the operation of the chemical health program services, a.. St Paul
American Indian Child Welfare Advisory Council
To help the commissioner of Human Services formulate policies and procedures relating to Indian child welfare services and to make recommendations regarding approval of grants provided under section 2.. St Paul
American Indian Community-Specific Board
The Ombudsperson shall monitor agency compliance with all laws governing child protection and placement, public education and housing issues related to child protection as they impact American Indian .. St. Paul
Apprenticeship Advisory Board
The council proposes occupational classifications and minimum standards for apprenticeship programs and agreements, and advises the commissioner St Paul
Area One Potato Research And Promotion Council
The council promotes Minnesota-grown Irish potatoes through research and advertising by providing grants East Grand Forks
Athletic Trainer's Advisory Council
The council advises the Board of Medical Practice on athletic trainer practice standards in application, complaint and disciplinary processes; continuing education programs; and enforcement of athleti.. St. Paul
Automobile Theft Prevention Advisory Board
The purpose of this advisory board is to advise the Commissioner on how best to distribute grant funds to county attorney offices, law enforcement agencies, neighborhood and community organizations or.. St Paul
Behavioral Health Planning Council
Launched in 2017, the Minnesota Behavioral Health Planning Council (BHPC) is an integrated mental health and substance use disorder Council that advises the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS.. St Paul
Board Of Accountancy
The board examines, licenses and regulates certified public accountants and registered accounting practitioners. M.S. 326A, MR 1105 St Paul
Board Of Animal Health
The board carries out disease control programs for livestock and poultry St Paul
Board Of Architecture, Engineering, Land Surveying, Landscape Architecture, Geoscience, And Interior Design
The board licenses and regulates architects, engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects, geologists, soil scientists,and certifies interior designers St Paul
Board Of Assessors
The board shall review, supervise, coordinate, and approve courses in assessment practices, and establish criteria for determining assessor's qualifications. The board shall also consider other matter.. St. Paul
Board Of Barber Examiners
Oversee the administration, enforcement, regulation, and adoption of rules regulating the barber profession; make rule changes; when applicable approve variances; and enter into contracts so as to pro.. St. Paul
Board Of Behavioral Health And Therapy
The Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy exists to regulate the practices of alcohol and drug counseling and professional counseling/professional clinical counseling in the State of Minnesota. .. St. Paul
Board of Cosmetology Examiners
The Board of Cosmetology is a proactive and innovative state agency that is fortunate to work with a creative profession. The Board's core mission is to constantly strive to serve and care for our lic.. St. Paul
Board Of Dentistry
The board examines, licenses and regulates dentists, dental therapists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants and enforces the Minnesota Dental Practices Act.  St. Paul
Board Of Dietetics And Nutrition Practice
The board licenses dietitians and nutritionists, investigates violations, conducts hearings and adopts rules Minneapolis
Board Of Electricity
Adopt rules, amend the National Electrical Code, final interpretations of code when submitted to the board, adopt rules to regulate electrical businesses and individual licenses and continued educatio.. St Paul
Board of Executives for Long-Term Services and Supports
The board licenses administrators of nursing homes and assisted living facilities, conducts studies of nursing home and assisted living  administration; approves continuing education programs for.. St. Paul
Board Of Firefighter Training And Education
Subd. 3.Powers and duties.(a) The board shall: (1) review fire service training needs and make recommendations on training to Minnesota fire service organizations; (2) establish standar.. St Paul
Board Of High Pressure Piping Systems
Adopt rules for high pressure piping code for Minnesota, final interpretations of code when submitted to the board, adopt rules to regulate high pressure piping licensure registration St Paul
Board Of Marriage And Family Therapy
The Board of Marriage and Family Therapy’s mission is to protect the public through effective licensure and enforcement of the statutes and rules governing the practice of marriage and family therapis.. St. Paul
Board Of Medical Practice
The board licenses and registers physicians, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, acupuncturists, athletic trainers, genetic counselors, naturopathic doctors, and traditional midwives; and en.. St. Paul
Board of Nursing
The Minnesota Legislature established the Board of Nursing in 1907 to protect the public’s health and welfare by overseeing and ensuring the safe practice of nursing in Minnesota. The Board holds nur.. Mendota Heights
Board of Occupational Therapy Practice
a) The Board shall: 1) adopt and enforce rules and laws necessary for licensing occupational therapy practitioners;2) adopt and enforce rules for regulating the professional conduct of the practi.. St. Paul
Board of Optometry
The board licenses optometrists, adopts rules and investigates complaints St. Paul
Board Of Peace Officer Standards And Training
The board licenses peace officers and part-time peace officers; establishes minimum qualifications and standards of conduct; and regulates professional peace officer education and continuing education.. St Paul
Board Of Pharmacy
The board regulates the pharmacy profession and the quality, labeling and distribution of drugs; and administers the Minnesota Prescription Monitoring Program the Minnesota Insulin Safety Net Program,.. St. Paul
Board of Podiatric Medicine
The board licenses doctors of podiatric medicine, disciplines licensees and registers corporations St. Paul
Board Of Psychology
Establish qualifications for licensing psychologists; examine and license qualified individuals; establish fees for issuance and renewal of licenses and other services; establish rules of conduct and .. St. Paul
Board Of School Administrators
The board shall license school administrators. The board shall adopt rules to license school administrators under Chapter 14. Other than the rules transferred to the board under section 122A.27, subd.. Minneapolis
Board of the Foster Youth Ombudsperson
The Board of the Foster Youth Ombudsperson is established to make recommendations to the foster youth ombudsperson and staff while continuously overseeing the foster youth ombudsperson’s work. The Boa.. St. Paul
Board Of The Minnesota State Academies
To govern state academies for the deaf and blind. The board must promote academic standards based on high expectation and an assessment system to measure academic performance toward the achievement of.. Faribault
Board Of The Perpich Center For Arts Education
The board shall have the powers necessary for the care, management and control of the Perpich Center for Arts Education Golden Valley
Board Of Trustees Of The Minnesota State Colleges And Universities System
As defined in Minnesota State Statute 136F.06, the board shall possess all powers necessary to govern the state colleges and universities and all related property. Those powers shall include, but are .. St. Paul
Board Of Water And Soil Resources
The board oversees and coordinates the water and soil resources management activities of local units (counties, SWCD's, WD's, WMO's) of government through approval of local plans, administration of st.. St. Paul
Board on Judicial Standards
The Board investigates allegations of misconduct by Minnesota judges and other judicial officers and recommends judicial discipline to the Supreme Court, including censure, suspension, retirement, or .. Mendota Heights
Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board
The Board administers programs for campaign finance disclosure for state elections, economic interest disclosure for state public officials and local officials in metropolitan governmental units, lobb.. St Paul
Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board
The board is responsible for architecture, urban design, and comprehensive land-use planning in the capitol area of St. Paul; exercises zoning and design review authority; and overseas redevelopment o.. Saint Paul
Capitol Art Exhibit Advisory Committee
The Capitol Art Exhibit Advisory Committee is established to advise and make recommendations to the State Capitol Preservation Commission regarding art exhibits to be displayed in the State Capitol sp.. St Paul
Center For Rural Policy And Development
The center identifies social and economic issues in rural Minnesota and, through alliances and partnerships, provides research and information on current issues and practical solutions for problems Mankato
Clean Water Council
The Council advises on the administration and implementation of the Clean Water Legacy Act. By December 1 of each even-numbered year, the Council is required to submit a report to the Legislature.. St Paul
Combative Sports Advisory Council
The council offers advice to the commissioner of Labor and Industry to help regulate combative sports contests in Minnesota St Paul
Community First Services and Supports Development and Implementation Council
The commissioner shall consult and collaborate with the council.  St. Paul
Community Solutions Advisory Council
The Community Solutions Advisory Council shall advise the commissioner on the development of the request for proposals for community solutions health child development grants. In advising the commissi.. St. Paul
Compensation Council
The council is created each odd-numbered year to assist the Legislature in establishing the compensation of constitutional officers,  justices of the Supreme Court, judges of the Court of Appeals.. St Paul
Construction Codes Advisory Council
The council reviews laws, codes, rules, standards and licensing requirements relating to building construction, and may: 1) recommend ways to eliminate inconsistencies, to streamline construction regu.. St Paul
Council For Minnesotans Of African Heritage
The council shall advise the Governor and the legislature on issues confronting the constituency of the council, legislative changes needed to improve the economic and social condition of the constitu.. St Paul
Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans
The council must work for the implementation of economic, social, legal, and political equality for its constituency. The council shall work with the legislature and governor to carry out his work by .. St Paul
Council On Disability
MCD is a state agency providing leadership to empower and strengthen the rights of Minnesotans with disabilities. We collaborate with the public and private sectors as a policy and technical resou.. St. Paul
Crime Victims Reparations Board
The Reparations Program assists crime victims with their financial losses as they recover from a violent crime. The Board meets once a month to review and decide contested claims and conduct related .. St Paul
Criminal And Juvenile Justice Information Advisory Group
The advisory council shall assist the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Policy Group in its duties St. Paul
Cultural And Ethnic Communities Leadership Council
The council was established to advise the commissioner of Human Services on reducing disparities that affect racial and ethnic groups. The law provides the duties of the council, which include, but ar.. St Paul
Culturally Informed and Culturally Responsive Mental Health Task Force
 The Culturally Informed and Culturally Responsive Mental Health Task Force is established to evaluate and make recommendations on improving the provision of culturally informed and culturally re.. St. Paul
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Advisory Committee
The purpose of the deaf and hard-of-hearing advisory committee is two fold: A) identify and prepare a legislative report on the aggregate, data-based education outcomes for children with the primary d.. Minneapolis
Dental Services Advisory Committee
To advise the commissioner regarding 1) the critical access dental program under section 256B.76, subdivision 4…, including but not limited to criteria for designating and terminating critical access .. St Paul
Destination Medical Center Corporation
The Destination Medical Center Corporation, along with the city of Rochester and the nonprofit economic development agency, must prepare and adopt a development plan which provides an outline for the .. Rochester
Drug Formulary Committee
Per the new M.S. 256B0625, Subd. 13., the formulary committee is designated by the commissioner to carry out duties as described in M.S. 256B.0625, subds 13-13G. These include reviewing the over-the-.. St Paul
Drug Utilization Review Board
The board exists to advise the commissioner per Minnesota Statutes 2012 - 256B.0625 subd. 13i. Drug Utilization Review Board to implement a medical assistance retrospective and prospective drug utiliz.. St Paul
Duluth Entertainment And Convention Center Authority
Select a specific site within the city of Duluth for location of a national class state convention center; administer, promote and operate the center as a state facility; and annually submit a report .. Duluth
Early Intensive Developmental and Behavioral Intervention (EIDBI) Benefit Advisory Group
The Early Intensive Developmental and Behavioral Intervention (EIDBI) benefit is a medical benefit in Minnesota first offered in 2016 under Medicaid (Medical Assistance). The EIDBI is benefit is .. St. Paul
Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board
The Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board shall: The Board examines, certifies and regulates ambulance services, training programs, emergency medical responders, emergency medical technicians, p.. St. Paul
Energy Transition Advisory Committee
The Energy Transition Advisory Committee is established to develop a statewide energy transition plan and to advise the governor, the commissioner, and the legislature on transition issues, establishe.. St. Paul
Ensuring Police Excellence and Improving Community Relations Advisory Council
The purpose of the council is to assist the board in maintaining policies and regulating peace officers in a manner that ensures the protection of civil and human rights. The council shall provide for.. St. Paul
Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitarian Advisory Council
Health starts where we live, learn, work and play. Environmental health (EH) is an integral part of Minnesota's public health system. The Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian .. St Paul
Environmental Health Tracking And Biomonitoring Advisory Panel
The advisory panel makes recommendations to the commissioner of Health and the Legislature on priorities for environmental health tracking and biomonitoring. These include recommendations to study sp.. St Paul
Explore Minnesota Tourism Council
Serve the broader interests of tourism in Minnesota by promoting activities that support, maintain, and expand the state's domestic and international travel market, thereby generating increased visito.. St Paul
External Program Review Committee
The committee is tasked with monitoring implementation of Minnesota Rules 9544, making recommendations to the commissioner about policy changes related to MN Rules 9544, and making recommendation.. St. Paul
Family Child Care Training Advisory Committee
(a) The Family Child Care Training Advisory Committee shall advise the commissioner of human services on training requirements for licensed family and group family child care providers. Beginning Janu.. St. Paul
Food Safety and Defense Task Force
The Food Safety and Defense Task Force has been established to advise the commissioner and the Legislature on food issues and food safety. The Task Force coordinates educational efforts regarding foo.. St. Paul
Gambling Control Board
The board issues, suspends and revokes licenses of organizations, distributors and manufacturers of gambling equipment, registers gambling equipment, collects license fees and inspects records, conduc.. Roseville
Good Food Access Program Advisory Committee
To advise the commissioner of agriculture on managing the Good Food Access Program including establishing, 1) program criteria; 2) project eligibility guidelines; 3) application processes and addition.. St Paul
Govenor's Committee on the Compensation, Wellbeing, and Fair Treatment of Transportation Network Company Drivers
Members will provide a forum to engage, collect and analyze data and information related to the working conditions of Transportation network companies (“TNC”) drivers. Members will draft recommendatio.. St. Paul
Governing Committee Of The Minnesota Automobile Insurance Plan
The committee shall have the power to direct the operation of the facility [the Minnesota Automobile Insurance Plan] in all pursuits consistent with the purposes of sections 65B.01 to 65B.12 Providence
Governor’s Advisory Council on Climate Change
The council’s duties are as follows: meet up to four times per year to identify opportunities for, and barriers to, the development and effective implementation of policies and strategies to reduce gr.. St. Paul
Governor’s Advisory Council on Opioids, Substance Use, and Addiction
The duties of the Advisory Council are as follows:Meet up to four times per year to identify opportunities for, and barriers to, the development and effective implementation of policies and strategies.. St. Paul
Governor's Children's Cabinet Advisory Council
The Advisory Council will make recommendations to and help to support engagement with the Children’s Cabinet. Members will be asked to focus on equity and addressing the opportunity gap from a whole f.. St Paul
Governor's Committee on the Safety, Health, and Wellbeing of Agricultural and Food Processing Workers
The Committee’s objectives are to:    a. Respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by coordinating resources and outreach for the 2021 growing, harvesting, and processing season, starting a.. St. Paul
Governor's Community Council on Inclusion and Equity
The Community Council will advise and collaborate with the One Minnesota Council in achieving its goals to design, create, and implement effective, inclusive, and equitable practices for the State to .. St. Paul
Governor's Council on Age-Friendly Minnesota
The council's duties are as follows: elevate the voice of older adults in developing the vision and action plan for an age-friendly state; engage with community, including older adults, caregivers, bu.. St. Paul
Governor's Council on Biofuels
The Governor’s Council on Biofuels was created by Executive Order 19-35, signed by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz on September 16, 2019. The purpose of the Council is “…to advise the Governor, and the.. St. Paul
Governor's Council on Connected and Automated Vehicles
Must meet at least four times per year to review developments in connected and automated vehicle technology and intelligent and emerging transportation technology, explore partnership opportunities to.. St. Paul
Governor's Council On Fire Prevention And Control
To disseminate information to the governor, Legislature and public regarding fire and life safety issues affecting Minnesota citizens and firefighters who protect them St Paul
Governor's Council on Freight Rail
The Council has the following duties:a. The Council must meet at least four times per year. At least two of the meetings must be in person.b. The Council must prepare a written report to the Governor .. St. Paul
Governor's Council on Justice Reinvestment
The Justice Reinvestment Council, in collaboration with the CSG Justice Center and the legislatively established Delivery System Working Group, will prepare a report to the Governor on or before Febru.. New York
Governor's Council On Minnesota's Coastal Program
The council has four main responsibilities. It:Recommends Coastal Program priorities to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).Reviews and makes recommendations to the DNR on select programs and pr.. Two Harbors
Governor's Council On The Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
The council helps plan celebrations to bring the community together and reflect and build on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, celebrate the Black experience, and strengthen connections.  St. Paul
Governor's Interagency Coordinating Council On Early Childhood Intervention
The council must address methods of implementing a statewide system of comprehensive, coordinated, multidisciplinary interagency programs of early intervention services for young children with disabil.. Roseville
Governor's Residence Council
The council develops and implements an overall restoration plan for the Governor's Residence and surrounding grounds, solicits and accepts contributions to restore, maintain, improve, decorate and fur.. St Paul
Governor's Task Force On Broadband
To research, recommend, and promote state broadband policy, planning, and initiatives that address state broadband needs and goals. Create an annual report due no later than December 31 each year whic.. St Paul
Governor's Workforce Development Board
The board, under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, WIOA, shall assist the Governor in: developing, implementing, and modifying the WIOA Combined State Plan, review of statewide pol.. St. Paul
Great Lakes Commission
The commission promotes development, use and conservation of the water resources of the Great Lakes Basin St. Paul
Great Start for All Minnesota Children Task Force
The task force must develop a plan and implementation timeline to achieve the following goals starting in July 2025 and finishing no later than July 2031:• Creating a system in which family costs for .. St. Paul
Greater Minnesota Regional Parks And Trails Commission
The Commission will undertake system planning and provide recommendations to the Legislature for grants funded by the Parks and Trails Legacy fund to counties and cities outside the seven county metro.. Duluth
HEAL Council (Health Equity Advisory and Leadership Council)
The MDH HEAL Council is not a governing board but serves to advise the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). Members are representatives of community and professional stakeholder organizations th.. St. Paul
Health Care Homes Advisory Committee
The advisory committee shall advise the commissioner on ongoing implementation of the health care homes program including, but not limited to: implementation activities on performance management and b.. St Paul
Health Services Advisory Committee
The Committee advises the commissioner regarding evidence-based health services pertaining to benefits covered under the Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare programs St Paul
Hearing Instrument Dispenser Advisory Council
The council advises the commissioner of the Department of Health on matters relating to certification and regulation of hearing instrument dispenser including certification standards, enforcement of c.. St. Paul
Home Care and Assisted Living Program Advisory Council
The council will provide advice regarding regulations of the home care providers including community standards; enforcement of licensing standards and disciplinary actions; distribution of information.. St Paul
Hospital Review Board - Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center
The Hospital Review Board (HRB) hears concerns from clients receiving treatment at the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center (AMRTC) and the Minnesota Security Hospital (doing business as the Forensic.. Anoka
Hospital Review Board - Minnesota Security Hospital (FMHP)
The Hospital Review Board (HRB) hears concerns from clients receiving treatment at the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center (AMRTC) and the Minnesota Security Hospital (doing business as the Forensic.. St. Peter
Housing Finance Agency
The agency provides financing for housing low- and moderate-income persons St. Paul
Human Services Performance Council
The Human Services Performance Council is advisory to the Commissioner on the operation of the performance management system for human services. As required by Minnesota Statutes, section 402A.1.. St Paul
Investment Advisory Council
The council advises the board of Investment on policy relating to investments of state funds St. Paul
Iron Range Higher Education Committee
Advise the Commissioner of Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board on providing higher education programs in the taconite assistance area defined in M.S. 273.1341, and on the development of a co.. Eveleth
Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee
The committee is the supervisory board for the federal Juvenile Justice Program with respect to preparation and administration of the state plan and award of grants. $55 per diem for non-public employ.. St. Paul
Lake Superior Center Authority
The authority has general corporation powers defined by Minnesota statutes, with the exception that the corporation may not act as a general partner in any partnership Duluth
Launch Minnesota
Launch Minnesota is a new initiative to encourage and support the development of new private sector technologies. Launch Minnesota will serve as an entry point to the state's innovation ecosystem and .. St. Paul
LCCMR Trust Fund Citizen Selection Committee
The duties of the Trust Fund Citizen Selection Committee to the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR) shall be to:(1) identify citizen candidates to be members of the commissio.. St. Paul
Legislative Salary Council
By March 31st of each odd-numbered year, the council must prescribe salaries for legislators to take effect July 1st of that year. In setting salaries, the council must take into account any other leg.. St. Paul
Legislative-Citizen Commission On Minnesota Resources (LCCMR)
Participate as part of a 17 member joint legislative and citizen Commission in the following: Review of emerging environmental and natural resource issues; Develop a strategic plan for Environment and.. St Paul
Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council
The council shall make recommendations to the Legislature on appropriations of money from the outdoor heritage fund that are consistent with the Constitution and state law and that take into considera.. St Paul
Licensed Genetic Counselor Advisory Council
The council advises the Board of Medical Practice on genetic counselor practice standards in application, complaint and disciplinary processes; continuing education programs; and enforcement of geneti.. St. Paul
Maternal And Child Health Advisory Task Force
The advisory task force was created by the Legislature to advise the commissioner of Health on the health status and health care services/needs of MCH populations in Minnesota on the use of MCH funds .. St. Paul
Maternal Mortality Review Committee
The commissioner of health may conduct maternal death studies to assist the planning, implementation, and evaluation of medical, health, and welfare service systems and to reduce the numbers of preven.. St. Paul
Medicaid Services Advisory Committee
The DHS Medicaid Services Advisory Committee serves to advise DHS and the commissioner, and is not a governing board. Members will be representatives of community groups and professional stakehol.. St. Paul
Medical Cannabis Review Panel
To review requests to add qualifying medical conditions and report to the commissioner of health on public health impacts, including therapeutic factors and known potential risks of the proposed addit.. St Paul
Medical Services Review Board
The board advises the Department of Labor and Industry on medical matters relating to workers' compensation, makes determinations on inappropriate, unnecessary or excessive treatment under M.S. 176.10.. St. Paul
Merit System Council
The council hears personnel appeals, sets policy for administration of examinations, reviews classification and compensation plans and proposed rule changes St. Paul
Metropolitan Airports Commission
The commission promotes air transportation locally, nationally, and internationally by developing the Twin Cities as an aviation center Mpls.
Metropolitan Area Water Supply Policy Advisory Committee
The 2005 Minnesota State Legislature passed a measure that directs the Metropolitan Council to carry out planning activities addressing the water supply needs of the Twin Cities metropolitan area. To .. St. Paul
Metropolitan Council
The Metropolitan Council is the regional planning agency for the seven-county Twin Cities metro area. The council advocates for vital communities and cost-effective regional services. It runs the re.. St. Paul
Metropolitan Parks And Open Space Commission
The commission assists the Metropolitan Council in planning the regional recreation open space system, advises the council on grants for the acquisition and development of facilities, and reviews the .. St. Paul
Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission
The purposes of this compact are, through joint or cooperative action:A) to promote development and implementation of improvements to intercity passenger rail service in the Midwest; B) to coordinate .. St Paul
Mineral Coordinating Committee
The Mineral Coordinating Committee is established to plan for diversified mineral development Hibbing
Minnesota Agricultural & Economic Development Board
The board provides business loans for agricultural and economic development projects.  The loans are  funded by an existing fund or through the issuance of bonds backed b.. St. Paul
Minnesota Agricultural Education Leadership Council
MAELC provides statewide leadership to promote and expand agricultural education in Minnesota St. Paul
Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Advisory Committee
The Committee's purpose is to provide informed comment and recommendations to the Commissioner for the development of the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program St Paul
Minnesota Amateur Sports Commission
The commission works and supports the amateur sports associations in the state and promotes amateur sports events Blaine
Minnesota Assistive Technology Advisory Council
Members, who are users of assistive technology (AT) or a family member or guardian of an AT user, provide consumer-responsive, consumer-driven advice to the state for the planning of, implementat.. St Paul
Minnesota Ballpark Authority
The authority is a public body created by the Legislature to oversee the design, construction, and operation of Target Field Minneapolis
Minnesota Biodiesel Task Force
The Biodiesel Task Force advises the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) on methods to increase the production and use of biodiesel in Minnesota. Biodiesel Task Force members also advise the Com.. St Paul
Minnesota Board of Social Work
The board must perform duties necessary to promote and protect the public health, safety, and welfare through the licensure and regulation of persons who practice social work in this state St. Paul
Minnesota Child Passenger Safety Taskforce
The Mission of the Minnesota Child Passenger Safety Taskforce is to provide guidance to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety  Office of Traffic Safety, regarding the safe transportation of c.. St. Paul
Minnesota Commission of the Deaf, Deafblind & Hard of Hearing
The commission serves as the principal agency of the state to advocate on behalf of the deaf, deafblind and hard of hearing Minnesotans by working to ensure those persons have equal access to the serv.. St. Paul
Minnesota Council On Latino Affairs
The council must work for the implementation of economic, social, legal, and political equality for its constituency by advising and informing the governor's office and state legislature in the legisl.. St Paul
Minnesota Council on Transportation Access
To study, evaluate, oversee, and make recommendations to improve the coordination, availability, accessibility, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and safety of transportation services provided to the tr.. St. Paul
Minnesota Cybersecurity Task Force
The Task Force on Cybersecurity is formed to provide an all-of-state approach to addressing critical cybersecurity needs for the State of Minnesota including governmental units at all levels, includ.. St. Paul
Minnesota E-health Advisory Committee
This committee advises the commissioner on the following matters: 1) assessment of the use of health information technology by the state, licensed health care providers and facilities, and local publi.. St Paul
Minnesota Environmental Quality Board
The EQB coordinates collaboration among individual Minnesotans, communities, and public and private organizations on environmental issues and advises the Governor and Legislature on environmental legi.. St. Paul
Minnesota Forest Resources Council
The council shall develop recommendations to the governor and to federal, state, county and local governments with respect to forest resources policies and practices. The council also has responsibili.. St. Paul
Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations
The Minnesota Foundation for Student Organizations provides oversight and guidance to co-curricular career and technical student organizations It promotes and supports leadership opportunities and out.. St. Paul
Minnesota Geospatial Advisory Council
This council, authorized by legislation, advises the Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGeo) about issues, policies, priorities, and investments needed to improve services statewide through th.. St Paul
Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority
The purpose of the authority shall be to assist eligible institutions of higher education in the construction, financing and refinancing of projects. The exercise by the authority of the powers confer.. Eagan
Minnesota Humanities Center
The board serves as an advisory body for the Humanities Center St. Paul
Minnesota Insurance Marketplace Board
The Board is responsible for operating the Minnesota Insurance Marketplace. This includes establishing the budget for the marketplace; establishing bylaws, policies, and procedures, governing the oper.. St Paul
Minnesota Organic Advisory Task Force
Advise the commissioner (of Agriculture) and the University of Minnesota on policies and programs that will improve organic agriculture in Minnesota, including how available resources can most effecti.. St. Paul
Minnesota Racing Commission
The Minnesota Racing Commission operates in the public interest to ensure the integrity of horse racing and card playing, oversee the proper distribution of funds back into the industry, and provide f.. Shakopee
Minnesota Rare Disease Advisory Council
The purpose of the Council is to provide advice on policies, access, equity, research, diagnosis, treatment, and education related to rare diseases to the following entities: health providers, state .. St. Paul
Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission
The commission establishes the sentencing guidelines that district courts apply at felony sentencing hearings, conducts related research and analysis, shares information, and advises the legislature St. Paul
Minnesota Sex Offender Program - Hospital Review Board
The Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) provides inpatient treatment to individuals civilly committed as sexually dangerous persons and sexually psychopathic personalities. The Hospital Review Board.. St Paul
Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority
The authority controls, operates, and has the responsibility over the professional football stadium constructed under this chapter and any other sports facility constructed or acquired by the authorit.. Minneapolis
Minnesota State Arts Board
The Minnesota State Arts Board encourages the creation, performance, and appreciation of the arts in the state.  It is dedicated to making the arts available to all Minnesotans. The development.. St. Paul
Minnesota State Retirement System
The board establishes rules and regulations for the administration of the Minnesota State Retirement System, Minnesota Deferred Compensation Plan and the Health Care Savings Plan, and as explained in .. St. Paul
MN Automobile Assigned Claims Bureau
The committee shall govern the operations of the Minnesota Auto Assigned Claims Plan in providing no-fault basic economic loss benefits to eligible recipients as provided under Minnesota Statutes 65B... Osseo
MN Board Of Chiropractic Examiners
The board verifies credentials, examines, licenses and regulates chiropractors; reviews/handles complaints; approves continuing education programs, audits licensee's CE; and registers professional cor.. St. Paul
MN Board Of Private Detective And Protective Agent Services
The board licenses and regulates private detectives and protective agents St Paul
MN Board Of Veterinary Medicine
The board licenses and regulates veterinarians; registers veterinary corporations, and investigates complaints against veterinarians and unlicensed persons practicing veterinary medicine St. Paul
MN Board On Aging
The board develops, coordinates, evaluates, and administers federal and state funds for programs for the aging; makes grants to seven area agencies on aging and non-profit agencies; and serves as advo.. St Paul
MN Commission On National And Community Service
The commission will implement a comprehensive state plan to provide services under sections 121.701 and 121.710 of federal law, pursue funding sources, coordinate volunteer learning service programs, .. Minneapolis
MN Comprehensive Health Association Board Of Directors
The association is Minnesota's reinsurance entity to administer the state-based reinsurance program referred to as the Minnesota premium security plan St. Paul
MN Emerging Entrepreneur Board
The Minnesota Emerging Entrepreneur Program is established to aware grants to nonprofit corporations to fund loans to businesses owned by minority or low-income persons, women, veterans, and people wi.. St Paul
MN Fair Plan
The board administers the MN Fair Plan Act to make property, homeowners and commercial insurance available statewide Minneapolis
MN Governor's Council On Developmental Disabilities
Carry out responsibilities in P.L. 106-402 to ensure that people with developmental disabilities and their families receive the necessary supports/services to achieve increased independence, productiv.. St. Paul
MN Insurance Guaranty Association
The association provides for the payment of covered claims to avoid financial loss to policyholders because of the liquidation of an insurer St. Paul
MN Job Skills Partnership Board
The board administers the Job Skills Partnership grant programs which bring employers with specific training needs together with educational or other non-profit institutions which can design programs .. St. Paul
MN Joint Underwriting Association - Liability Insurance
The association shall be specifically authorized to provide insurance coverage to day care providers, foster parents, foster homes, developmental achievement centers, group homes, rehabilitation facil.. St. Paul
MN Rural Finance Authority
The authority's purpose is to develop the state's agricultural resources by extending credit on farm real estate security and depreciable agricultural property (improvements, machinery, animals). The.. St. Paul
MN State Academy for the Blind Site Council
The purpose of the MSAB Site Council is to recommend creation, implementation, and evaluation of school-wide functions and programs pursuant to the mission and vision of the Minnesota State Academies... Faribault
MN State Academy for the Deaf Site Council
The purpose of the MSAB Site Council is to recommend creation, implementation, and evaluation of school-wide functions and programs pursuant to the mission and vision of the Minnesota State Academies... Faribault
MN State High School League
The MSHSL is empowered to exercise supervision and regulation of interscholastic athletics, and musical, dramatic and other contests between pupils of Minnesota high schools Brooklyn Center
MN Workers Compensation Insurers' Association
The association oversees the administration of the Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers' Association (Data Services Organization) Minneapolis
MN Zoological Board
Under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 85A, the Minnesota Zoological Board is responsible for supervision and control of the Minnesota Zoological Garden.   Apple Valley
Motorcycle Safety Advisory Task Force
Advise on motorcycle safety issues and activities of the Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Program St Paul
Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Committee
1) Developing protocols and timelines for screening, rescreening, and diagnostic audiological assessment and early medical, audiological, and educational intervention services for children who are dea.. St. Paul
Nonpublic Education Council
Minnesota Statutes, section 123B.445, establish that “The Minnesota Nonpublic Education Council shall advise the Commissioner on issues affecting nonpublic education and nonpublic schools.”In addition.. Roseville
Noxious Weed Advisory Committee
The Minnesota Noxious Weed Advisory Committee (NWAC)was created by the state legislature in 2009 to advise the commissioner of agriculture regarding invasive plants and regulated noxious weeds.&n.. St Paul
Occupational Safety And Health Advisory Council
The council advises the Department of Labor and Industry on administration of the state Occupational Safety and Health Act St. Paul
Occupational Safety And Health Review Board
The review board shall review and decide appeals from final decisions and orders of the commissioner, including decisions issued by administrative law judges, petitions to vacate final orders of the c.. St. Paul
Ombudsperson Board For African American Families
Each board shall appoint the ombudsperson for its community. Each board shall advise and assist the ombudsperson for its community in selecting matters for attention; developing policies, plans, and .. St Paul
Ombudsperson Board For Asian-pacific Families
The board advises and assists the Ombudsperson in selecting matters for attention; developing policies, plans, and programs to carry out the Ombudsperson's functions and powers; establishing protocols.. St Paul
Ombudsperson Board for Spanish-speaking and Hispanic/Latino Families
Each ombudsperson shall monitor agency compliance with all laws governing child protection and placement, as they impact on children of color. In particular, the ombudsperson shall monitor agency com.. St Paul
Opioid Epidemic Response Advisory Council
Subdivision 1.  Establishment of the advisory council.  (a) The Opiate Epidemic Response Advisory Council is established to develop and implement a comprehensive and effective statewide effo.. St. Paul
Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics Advisory Council
The advisory council shall: 1) advise the board on enforcement of the provisions contained in this chapter; 2) review reports of investigations or complaints relating to individuals and make recommend.. St. Paul
Palliative Care Advisory Council
The council shall consult with and advise the commissioner on matters related to the establishment,  maintenance, operation, and outcomes evaluation of palliative care initiatives in the state. .. St. Paul
Peace Officer Grievance Roster of Arbitrators
To conduct binding arbitration hearings under the grievance procedure in a collective bargaining agreement covering peace officers as required by Section 24 or sections 179A.04, 179A.20 and 179A.21, S.. St. Paul
Pesticide Management Plan Committee
To provide the commissioner with informed and diverse comment on evaluation activities and decisions related to the implementation of the state Pesticide Management Plan for the Protection of Groundwa.. St Paul
Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Board
The board administers compensation from the petroleum tank release cleanup fund for cleanup of leaks and spills from petroleum storage tanks St. Paul
Physician Assistant Advisory Council
The council advises the Board of Medical Practice on physician assistant practice standards in application, complaint and disciplinary processes; continuing education programs; and enforcement of phys.. St. Paul
Plumbing Board
Adopt rules for plumbing code for Minnesota, final interpretations of code when submitted to the board, adopt rules to regulate plumbing licensure and registration St. Paul
Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board
The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board (PELSB) was created by the state legislature in 2017, when the legislature combined the work of the Board of Teaching (BOT) and the Mi.. St. Paul
Psychedelic Medicine Task Force
The task force shall:(1) survey existing studies in the scientific literature on the therapeutic efficacy of psychedelic medicine in the treatment of mental health conditions, including depression, an.. St. Paul
Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)
The association provides retirement, survivor, and disability benefits for public employees of county and local government. Management of the public employees retirement fund is vested in a board of t.. St. Paul
Public Employment Relations Board
The board shall have the powers and authority required for the board to take the actions assigned to the board under section 179A.13. In addition to the other powers and duties given it by law, the bo.. St Paul
Public Utilities Commission
The commission regulates the rates and services of electric, natural gas, and local, landline telephone companies, as well as need and locational certification for large energy facilities. It does so.. St. Paul
Quarter Horse Breeders' Fund Advisory Committee
To advise the Racing Commission regarding breeding industry rules and distribution of quarter horse breeders' fund awards and purse supplements Shakopee
Real Estate Appraisal Advisory Board
The board shall advise, provide input and suggest best practices to the commissioner regarding real estate appraisers, including, but not limited to, licensing, public disciplinary matters, continuing.. St. Paul
Regent Candidate Advisory Council
Determining criteria for and identifying and recruiting candidates for recommendation to the Joint Legislative Committee for election to the U of M Board of Regents St. Paul
Registered Naturopathic Doctor Advisory Council
The council advises the Board of Medical Practice on naturopathic doctor practice standards in application, complaint and disciplinary processes; continuing education programs; and enforcement of natu.. St. Paul
Rehabilitation Review Panel
The panel advises the department of Labor and Industry on rehabilitation matters relating to workers' compensation and may issue penalties for violation of rules following a contested case hearing und.. St. Paul
Respiratory Care Advisory Council
The council advises the Board of Medical Practice on respiratory therapy practice standards in application, complaint and disciplinary processes; continuing education programs; and enforcement of resp.. St. Paul
Rural Health Advisory Committee
The committee advises the commissioner of health and other state agencies on rural health issues St. Paul
Seaway Port Authority Of Duluth
The port authority promotes international and domestic waterborne commerce in port district; owns port and industrial properties; may acquire or construct port facilities Duluth
Seed Program Advisory Committee
Advise the commissioner on the implementation of the Minnesota Seed Law and the responsibility of the seed regulatory program. Evaluate species for invasiveness and make recommendations to the commiss.. St. Paul
Small Business Air Quality Compliance Advisory Council
The council renders advisory opinions on the effectiveness of the Small Business Assistance Program; preparing reports as requested by state and federal agencies; reviewing environmental regulatory in.. St. Paul
Special Education Advisory Panel
The state is required to establish and maintain an advisory panel for the purpose of providing policy guidance with respect to special education and related services for children with disabilities in .. Minneapolis
Special Review Board
The Special Review Board is established by Minnesota Statutes 253B.18, subdivision 4c. Members are appointed by the Commissioner of Human Services.Prior to each Special Review Board hearing, the panel.. St Paul
Speech-language Pathologist And Audiologist Advisory Council
The council advises the commissioner of Health on matters relating to regulation of speech-language pathologists and audiologists in terms of licensing standards and enforcement of the licensing statu.. St. Paul
Spinal Cord Injury And Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Council
The Advisory Council is established to develop criteria for evaluating and awarding research grants, review research proposals and make recommendations by January 15 of each year for purposes of award.. St Paul
Standardbred Breeders' Fund Advisory Committee
To advise the Racing Commission regarding breeding industry rules and distribution of Standardbred breeders' fund awards and purse supplements Columbus
State Advisory Council on Early Childhood Education and Care
The State Advisory Council on Early Childhood Education and Child Care will make recommendations to the Children’s Cabinet Advisory Council and Children’s Cabinet and fulfill the duties required under.. St. Paul
State Advisory Council on Mental Health
The State Advisory Council on Mental Health is charged with- Advising the governor and heads of state departments and agencies about policy, programs, and services affecting people with mental illness.. St. Paul
State Board Of Physical Therapy
The board evaluates applicants for licensure; renews annual licenses for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants; enforces the physical therapy practice act St. Paul
State Capitol Preservation Commission
The task force members will: exercise ongoing coordination of the restoration, protection, risk management, and preservation of the Capitol building; may assist in the selection of an architectural fi.. St Paul
State Competency Attainment Board
The board creates and administers a statewide, independent competency attainment system that certifies competency attainment programs and uses forensic navigators to promote prevention and diversion o.. St. Paul
State Correctional Facilities Security Audit Group
The group shall create security standards for state correctional, review inspection reports, and provide recommendations to the Commissioner of Corrections.  St. Paul
State Designer Selection Board
The State Designer Selection Board (SDSB) selects the primary designer on building construction or remodeling projects as requested by state agencies, the University of Minnesota and Minnesota State C.. St. Paul
State Guardian Ad Litem Board
The board shall create and administer a statewide independent guardian ad litem program to advocate for the best interests of children, minor parents, and incompetent adults in juvenile and family cou.. St Paul
State Historic Preservation Review Board
(5) The Review Board must adopt written procedures governing its operations consistent with the provisions of this section and related guidance that the National Park Services issues.(6) Review Board .. St. Paul
State of Minnesota Board of Public Defense
The board shall approve and recommend a budget to the Legislature, as well as establish procedures for distribution of state funding for the board, the Office of State Public Defender, the judicial di.. Mpls.
State Rehabilitation Council - General
The council is responsible for advising state government on the performance of Minnesota's Vocational Rehabilitation programs. The council advises and assists in preparation of the state plan for Voc.. St. Paul
State Rehabilitation Council For The Blind
Review, analyze and advise State Services for the Blind regarding the performance of its responsibilities, particularly relating to: Eligibility, including order of selection; The extent, scope, a.. St. Paul
Statewide Independent Living Council
Jointly with the centers for independent living, MNSILC develops and signs the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL). Monitor, review, and evaluate the implementation of the SPIL. As appropriate,.. St. Paul
Subcommittee On Children's Mental Health
The subcommittee must make recommendations to the State Advisory Council on Mental Health on policies, laws, regulations, and services relating to children's mental health St. Paul
Surplus Lines Association Of Minnesota
The association processes surplus lines insurance documents, educates its members regarding the surplus lines law of this state, and recommends to the Commissioner of Commerce revisions to Minnesota l.. Mora
Task Force on Aiding and Abetting Felony Murder
The task force on aiding and abetting felony murder is established to collect and analyze data on the charging, convicting, and sentencing of people for aiding and abetting felony murder; assess wheth.. St. Paul
Task Force on Eliminating Subminimum Wages
The Task Force on Eliminating Subminimum Wages is established to develop a plan and make recommendations to phase out payment of subminimum wages to people with disabilities on or before August 1, 202.. St. Paul
Task Force On Medical Cannabis Therapeutic Research
The task force shall hold hearings to conduct an assessment that evaluates the impact of the use of medical cannabis and evaluates Minnesota's activities and other states' activities involving medical.. St Paul
Task Force on Missing and Murdered African American Women
Advise the Commissioner of Public Safety and the MN Legislature on recommendations to reduce and end violence against African American women and girls in Minnesota. The Task Force must serve as a liai.. St. Paul
Task Force on Shelter
The Task Force on Shelter is established to develop standards for the provision of shelter and examine the need for, and feasibility and cost of, establishing state oversight of shelter. The Task Forc.. St. Paul
Tax Court
The Tax Court is maintained for taxpayers to file appeals related to any state or local tax, except special assessments St. Paul
Technology Advisory Council
EntityThe Technology Advisory Council ("Council") will be an advisory group to the State made up of experts on development and implementation of IT in private and public institutions. The Council will.. St Paul
Teen Driver Safety Commissioner's Advisory Task Force
The Teen Driver Safety Commissioner's Advisory Task Force will advise and provide input to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) on teen driver issues with the goal of reducing crashes, inju.. St. Paul
The Ombudsman Committee For Mental Health & Developmental Disabilities
Advises and assists the ombudsman in developing policies, plans and programs to benefit persons with mental illness, developmental disabilities, chemical dependence and emotional disturbance St. Paul
Thoroughbred Breeders' Fund Advisory Committee
To advise the Racing Commission regarding breeding industry rules and distribution of thoroughbred breeders' fund awards and purse supplements Shakopee
Trauma Advisory Council
The council is established to advise, consult with, and make recommendations to the commissioner of Health on the development, maintenance, and improvement of a statewide trauma system St Paul
Traumatic Brain Injury Advisory Committee
To provide recommendations in reports to the DHS Commissioner regarding program and service needs of persons with traumatic brain injuries St Paul
Trustee Candidate Advisory Council
Determine the criteria for and identify and recruit qualified candidates to recommend to the governor for appointment to the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU)... St Paul
Urban Indian Advisory Board
The Advisory Council on Urban Indians was created to advise the board of directors on the unique problems and concerns of Minnesota American Indians who reside in the urban areas of the state St Paul
Waiver Reimagine Advisory Committee
The Waiver Reimagine Advisory Committee must have the opportunity to assist in developing and providing feedback on proposed plans for Waiver Reimagine components, including an individual budget metho.. St. Paul
Workers' Compensation Advisory Council
The council advises the Department of Labor and Industry in carrying out the purposes of Chapter 176 (Workers' Compensation). The council shall submit its recommendations with respect to amendments to.. St Paul